Week 44 The Documented Life Project – Painted Leaves & Video

Week 44 challenge– Incorporate Leaves – real, drawn or painted onto your page in a creative way.

This week my neighbor Karen and I figured out we are both part of the Documented Life Project. Each week we are provided with a challenge/prompt to decorate our day planners. I will show you some more pages from my book when I get the chance.

We were so excited that we could create together that we immediately scheduled some time on Saturday to get messy! Kelly leaves

Karen came over and we took off on a local adventure down the street in search of the perfect leaves for our masterpieces. We started out by taping the leaves to our page and then rolled them over with acrylic paints and a brayer.

Painted leaves

We quickly realized the Dylussions sprays worked much better to capture the intricate details of the leaves.

Spray Leaves

Karen in Scrap Diva Retreats

We also had fun stamping leaves in fall colors. I plan on using the extra scraps on Thanksgiving scrapbook pages (stay tuned for more posts)! The fun part was experimenting with different shapes and colors.

Sprayed and Painted Pages

I used this stamped image from the tissue paper and incorporated it into my planner page.

Tissue Paper Leaf

Here’s my final page.


Since Karen is going to Paris soon, she decided to create a Paris in the Fall page. Of course I love her Audrey Hepburn quote “Paris is always a good idea.”

Paris in the Fall- Karen's Page

I hope you enjoyed our adventure and you get a chance to paint some leaves of your own! We highly recommend it.