Hopelessly in Love with Learning

I have fallen madly in love with learning new techniques and reading about social media! At the same time there are some days where I’m completely overwhelmed and yet intrigued with the inspiration that floods me!

When it comes to social media I feel like I’m the new kid on the block and I look at everything with such amazement and wonder. There are soooo many new apps and pieces of technology that I’m completely unfamiliar with. I’m trying to learn how to blog, tweet and use instagram all at the same time. Which means I’m not only reading a ton of books, magazines and blog posts but I’m also trying to read tweets, look at instagram photos and create blog posts… (oh, and I work long hours during the day!!!!)

2013-12-23 |

But regardless of all that…I’m totally intrigued by the HUGE world of social media out there.

I never really understood why people used a hashtag sign “#”or what a retreat “RT” meant but I’m starting to learn… little by little as I devour one book at a time and read one blog after another. As I sit here I wonder to myself how I’ve missed all this excitement since I was living in the “Heart of the Silicon Valley” = San Jose, California for the past decade with all of this social media excitment buzzing around me….

There seems to be a rule book out there for every type of social media. I feel like there is a different language to learn for everything. But its like learning and remembering how to use a foreign language… I need to practice it frequently in order to be fluent in it! On the one hand I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and on the other hand I feel compelled to share with you everything that I’m learning. It’s so much fun and exciting I can barely contain myself!!!!

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Its almost as exciting as when I figured out how to get this “exclusive” Cricut Everyday cartridge! (Almost… I’ll never forget that day! I love that cartridge… I need to create more awesome stuff with it!)

Sorry… I digress…

My head is spinning with all the tips and rules that I’m trying so desperately to understand. There are so many different types of apps that I’ve been reading about that are supposed to help one “manage” social media. I hope to share a few of those tips with you soon my dear reader!

Oh… I reached 10 readers on BlogLovin. Thank you!


Although I still can’t figure out how to add the plugin to have you follow the blog on my WordPress site nor can I figure out why my photos don’t show up in the feed on Bloglovin… does anyone know?

Both items are definitely on my proverbial “to do” list.

Have a fabulous day!

– Kelly