Let’s Kick Off 2016!

Happy New Years everyone!

I hope you had an amazing first week of 2016!

Do you have plans to scrapbook this year? I hope you come scrapbook with us soon at one of our upcoming crops in January or February.  Be sure to check out our posting on the meetup website here.


We had a phenomenal New Years Vision Board workshop last weekend where we created a vision board, a dream journal, a mixed media canvas and affirmation cards!

It was so much fun and I’m so proud of how awesome everyone’s vision board turned out!

Have you every created a vision board? I know what you might be thinking…. I’m too old to create a vision board or…. It’s too boring for me. Not so! It’s actually really really easy and lots of fun!!!

Check out Randy’s awesome vision board:

Randy Vision Baord

Here’s Sherry’s phenomenal vision board:


Here’s Antonia’s amazing vision board:

Here’s Bonita’s phenomenal vision board:


Here’s Dena’s fantastic vision board:


Here’s Yenni’s awesome vision board:


So what’s the difference between scrapbooking and vision boarding? Basically, YOU get to choose how you want to create your future in vision boarding. Check out my short video here:

Difference between scrapbooking and vision boarding is…

Check out more pictures on our Facebook page.

We had an amazing workshop on New Years! Creating vision boards, a dream journal, mixed media canvas and affirmation…

Posted by Scrap Diva Retreats on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Before the workshop, I created a vision board to manifest the feelings that I wanted the attendees to have. I wanted everyone to feel motivated to achieve the life they want and inspired to follow their dreams. After all… life’s not about finding yourself… it’s about creating yourself!


10 Reasons to Love The Shop Hop

Hi Divas, I hope you are all having an amazing time enjoying your summer.

July has finally arrived and that means its time for the AWESOME SoCal Shop Hop! The Shop Hop runs from July 17th to August 2nd. More information can be found on the official website www.socalshophop.com

10 Reasons to Love the So Cal Shop Hop 

  1. Discounts – With your passport you are eligible to receive 20% off your purchases.
  2. Decorations – Every store decorates and comes up with an amazing theme.  (Examples include: Stampin’ Post – A picnic, Scraparazzi – Hollywood, The Making Place – A Day at the Ballet, Custom Impressions – A Day at the Beach)  Day at Beach - Shop Hop
  3. Win Prizes – When you visit the participating shops you will be eligible to win prizes!
  4. Scrapbook Layouts – Each store will have a themed 6×6 scrapbook layout available for free if you spend $10 or more (pre-tax, post-discount). The promos are also available for purchase if you don’t qualify for the purchase minimums.
  5. Collect Charms – Each store will have their own themed charm. If you end up spending $20 or more (pre-tax, post-discount) you will receive their charm free.
  6. Pictures – Each store offers a unique opportunity for you to take a phenomenal picture with your friends. Like these Rubber Ducky Day pictures taken at Scraparazzi Scraparazii Rubber Shop Hop 2012
  7. Adventure- The Shop Hop is a great excuse to go out on an adventure and visit all those amazing local scrapbook stores owned by phenomenal entrepreneurs!
  8. Shop – Go ahead and splurge on yourself and pick out a few new scrapbook supplies!
  9. New Products – Check out all the awesome new products in stores.
  10. Friends – Have fun checking out all the store themes, make-n-takes and shopping with your best friends! You can meet some amazing new friends too!

In 2012 we visited all the participating scrapbook stores from Bakersfield to San Diego in Diva style! This year unfortunately I’m super busy with work but I wanted to share with you some of the scrapbook pages from those adventures a couple years ago and hopefully inspire you to get out there and shop hop around yourself. Hopefully next year I will take some time off work to organize some fun shopping adventures.

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Crop til You Drop!

Elaine’s group of Scrapbook Diva’s are regulars at Scrap Diva Retreats and they definitely know how to

Crop Til You Drop!


They are a community of scrapbook friends who enjoy to retreat together a few times a year.

They plan their meals and eat together. They often invite me to visit and when I’m lucky enough to find time to scrapbook with them, I enjoy their company immensely.

I always leave Elaine’s group feeling happy, refreshed and rejuvenated. They seem to embody a creative community feeling and they are always positive, happy and have fun cropping! I marvel at their Thanksgiving style meals and revel in their excitement at spending time together. Their extravagant menus and artistically designed meal placements are extraordinary.

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Tutorial on Mermaid Canvas- Using Julie Nutting Stamp

Hello fabulous Divas,

I’ve had some requests to post a tutorial on the mermaid canvas.

Mermaid Canvas


  • 11 x 14 canvas panel
  • Julie Nutting Mermaid Stamp
  • Close To My Heart Sparkles Flourishes (Z1708)
  • Dreamweaver embossing paste (any time of paste to create dimension)
  • Stampers anonymous stamps to create background (use any circle stamps)
  • Stencil or plastic mess for mermaid tail
  • Prima flowers & small sea shells
  • Folk Art green metallic paint
  • Acrylic paints: blue, yellow and white
  • Copic Markers and/or colored pencils for the skin color and hair
  • Aleene’s Original Tack Glue (or any other all purpose glue)
  • Mod Podge
  • Old Credit Card
  • Staz On Black Ink


As you create your canvas make sure each layer of paint dries before painting over it. I describe the steps below by explaining how to make each section of the canvas but you may want to work on multiple steps in the process as you are waiting for paint to dry during various stages.

Step 1. – Create your ocean

Chose a light blue acrylic paint and mix with a little white paint to get a turquoise color for your ocean. Then paint 2/3 of the bottom of your canvas using an old credit card. Use broad strokes and make some of the blue paint look like waves are crashing in the middle of your page (this is where you will adhere your mermaid later). Once the first layer of blue paint is dry you can create extra dimension by adhering some ripped up scraps of blue pattern scrapbook paper to your canvas with Mod Podge.

Step 2. – Create your sky

Chose a light yellow acrylic paint and mix with a little white paint to get a lighter yellow for your sky. Then paint 1/3 of the top of your canvas using an old credit card. After the paint is dry use some circle stamps or background stamps to create some dimension by stamping randomly using a slightly darker yellow color. I used Stampers Anonymous stamps but you can use any stamps you have. Create some texture on your canvas by spreading some modeling paste through a stencil. (I used the same stencil that I used for the mermaid tail in the background to create some dimension in the sky). Make sure the paste dries completely then paint over the paste with light yellow acrylic paint.

Step 3. – Create your mermaid

While your canvas is drying start making the mermaid. Create the mermaid tail by spreading some modeling paste through the crisscross stencil on a piece of white paper then let dry for a few hours. You can speed up the drying process by blow-drying it. Then stamp the mermaid onto the dried paste design. The paste design will end up being the mermaid’s tail. Paint over the scales with acrylic metallic green paint and cut out the mermaid tail.

Mermaid Tail

Stamp the mermaid onto a white piece of paper using black Staz On permanent ink. Color the mermaid the skin color of your choice using withe Copic markers or colored pencils. Color your mermaids hair (I used a red Copic marker). Cut out your mermaid. After the mermaid tail is completely dry you can adhere the tail to the cut out mermaid that you just made. Position your mermaid in the middle of the canvas where your waves are crashing behind her.

Step 4 Finishing touches

  • You can finish the canvas a variety of ways with various embellishments. Adhere Prima flowers to the lower left hand corner along with miniature sea shells with Aleene’s Original Tack Glue.
  • Use Close to My Heart’s Sparkles Flourishes to add sparkle to the waves. You can color the white sparkles with a turquoise Copic marker. Use a piece of the turquoise sparkles flourishes for the mermaid’s headband. Find two small sea shells for the mermaids swimsuit top and color them with yellow glitter. TIP: If you buy clear sparkles you can always decorate them with any color of Copic markers and use them on all your projects!
  • Add some blue glitter to the background and some silver speckles for additional dimension.
  • Add one of your favorite quotes to your canvas. Quote






I hope you enjoy your new mermaid canvas! If you decide to make one please send me a picture and/or tell me what you think in the comments section. Thank you for stopping by and checking out this tutorial.

I’ve taught a few classes and the Divas have loved the final results so I hope you give it a try!

Mermaid Canvas Class


Mermaid Canvas Class

Mermaid Canvas



Disney Memories Crop Party at the Anaheim Expo


Diva - Kristal

Diva – Krista


Diva – Wendy

We had a fabulous time at the Anaheim Convention expo this year! We reserved a table and got the opportunity to crop the entire day together! What’s great about cropping at the expo is that you can leave all your scrapbook supplies at the table and then walk out to the main area to go shopping on the show room floor whenever you fancy! This year we ordered fabulous t-shirts that said “Scrap Divas Don’t Lie they Embellish”.         Scrap Diva Group Expo 2 Scrap Diva Retreats Group - Expo

The Disney background was lots of fun for our Diva Pose!

Expo Diva Pose Scrap Diva Expo Group



Diva - Angela

Diva – Angela

Diva - Kami

Diva – Kami

Divas- Lori & Kami

Divas- Lori & Kami


Divas - Kelly & Wendy Upon introspection…. my purple UGG boots may look a little silly :)

Divas – Kelly & Wendy
Upon introspection…. my purple UGG boots may look a little silly 🙂


We hope you are able to scrapbook with us next year if didn’t get a chance to attend this one!