October Sunrise & Wellness Wednesdays Announcement

I love to get up early on the weekends before the sun rises. One of the benefits is I get to see miraculous sunrises like the one this morning.


It is peaceful and quiet because it feels like the rest of the world is still asleep. This morning the clouds were still over Murrieta and you can see the twinkling city lights below.


As the sun started to rise I got so excited that I ran up my neighbors hill to get an even better view of the expansive sunrise.

The birds were chirping their quiet morning song and a cool breeze rifled through my hair. As a snuck up the hill I walked next to a bunny who looked peacefully up at me.


During these precious moments I thank God that I can see beautiful vibrant colors. I thank God that I have an opportunity to live today and make it better than yesterday.

Scrap Diva Retreats Sunrise Clouds

Starting next week I’m kicking off a blog project called Wellness Wednesdays. Every Wednesday you can check out my blog for a bit of wellness inspiration. I will be sharing with you my journey with meditating, eating healthy vegetarian meals and drinking Nutribullet smoothies. I will also be sharing with you inspirational quotes, mantras and artwork related to wellness. I hope you join me!

I hope you drop in every now and again to check out my blog and I hope that I can inspire you in some small way to see the beauty in the world, try something new or be a bit more mindful of each moment. Enjoy your Sunday.