Nourish Yourself Through Self Care

This year I’m following through with the tradition to choose a special word for the year and set my intentions around that word. I’m doing Alli Edwards online class called One Little Word.  I started this process last year when I chose the word “Inspire.”

For 2015 I knew that I wanted to make some healthier choices in my life and start putting my own self-care above other goals. Since I was drawn to this intention I chose the word “NOURISH”. To make my word visible in my life, I created this awesome vision board. I started off with an inexpensive white board from the Office Supply store. As I considered my intention over a few weeks I cut out magazine words and images that evoked nourishment. Then I colored the empty spaces with gelatos.


As part of my overall goals for 2015, this vision board represents 5 key goals:

Goal: Nourish Myself
1. Develop personal serenity
2. Cook healthy meals
3. Meditate consistently (at least 2x week)
4. Exercise consistently (at least 3x week)
5. Sleep more (7 hours a night)


I want to spoil and pamper myself because I’m worth it! I want to focus first on nourishing myself because I can accomplish more and be more effective when I am healthy and my body is happy.


I want to find my inner calm and cultivate conscious rest. I want to invest in spending more time in solitude because it restores my equilibrium. I want to do a little less, stay fiercely focused on what matters most to my soul and let some things go so that I can relax, nourish & heal myself.

Good Food

I have filled “My Action Plan” with fun dates with myself as a reward for working hard! I plan on dedicating more time to self care, beauty routines, organizing, meditating, going to the spa, relaxing, sipping tea, taking a digital detox, drinking 8 glasses of water a day and eating whole foods that enrich me.

Getting better sleep is definitely on my list this year. My goal is to consistently get at least 7 hours of sleep. Even though I don’t achieve this every night, I have seen a noticeable difference as I’ve given myself opportunities to take mini “digital-detoxes.” I turn off my electronic devices at the same time every night and I’ve been leaving my cell phone in a different room so that I’m not tempted to spend hours on Facebook. As I result, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my happiness and sleep ability. I absolutely love this concept that sleeping well is a luxury.

So I thought… why not spoil myself and try to sleep a little more this year?


Savor Life