My Top 10 Mixed Media Art From 2014

Hello Scrap Divas,

I would like to share with you my top 10 favorite mixed media paintings I made last year.

1. Happy Thoughts 

Happy Thoughts

2. Life Makes me Smile & Laugh

Life Makes me Smile & Laugh

3. She Loved Her Life 

She Loved Her Life

4.  More Fun

More Fun

5.Choose to Shine Every Morning (It’s just a choice)

Choose to Shine

6. Listen to Your Inner Child at Plaay

Listen to Your Inner Child at Plaay

7. Stella – Solidtude restores her equilibrium


8. Live Your Life in Color

Live Your Life in Color

9. Create & Inspire

Create & Inspire

10. Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Which one is your favorite and why?