Mediation Reflections, Gratitude Journal & Conquer Summit

Happy Wellness Wednesday Everyone! This month I’m focusing on self care and sharing my journey with you on being more mindful, meditating, eating healthy and exercising. I will also be sharing with you inspirational quotes, mantras and artwork related to wellness. I hope you join me!

Monday was the kickoff of Oprah & Deepak’s FREE 21 Day Mediation Challenge on The Energy of Attraction- Manifesting Your Best Life. This will be my third mediation series but this time I plan on actually meditating EVERY night! Last time I was going to do an art journal page along with each mediation but this time I’m keeping it simple. Here’s a summary of a few key points for the last few days:

Day 1 – The energy we put out into the world is always returned to us. If we change our energy we change our entire experience with the world. If we change our intention, we change our path.

Day 2 – Our challenge is to attract our most authentic, truest desires that are within us. Those desires  flow from us and impact others positively. The highest desire we can have is to grow and evolve.

Day 3 – You already have everything you need to attain what you want. You found your sweet spot when your desires are more about “being” rather than “getting.”

Here’s a few of my desires right now:

– I want to be inspirational, helpful and effective.

– I want to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

– I want to feel appreciated, important and valuable.

What are a few things that you desire? 




On Wednesdays I’ve also been a part of this amazing group that Natalie Macneil is running called the Conquer Summit. I love Natalie’s business name “She Takes on The World.Com!!!) Every Wendesday we listen to a phenomenally successful female entrepreneur who provides some sage advice and we get to inspire one another to follow our dreams and aspirations. Tonight during the session on Financial Freedom, I walked away with a few reflection items:

– I have achieved enough to take a break, relax and find more time to simply breathe

– My compass is internal and I will know which direction to go

– Invest in yourself so you can discover your gift and share it with the world

One question that was asked:

What’s undone that’s mine to do?

I immediately blurted out the answer that I need to finish my autobiography! Of course Natalie pushed me for a due date which was timely since Suzi was just asking me about this last night. So here you go – I will complete my autobiography by March 1st, 2017. Wow…!!! That’s a little scary and at the same time totally exciting to finally have a date and stop procrastinating!!!

 5 Things I’m Grateful For – 10/17/14

1. Taking lunch and sitting in the sun.
2. Hearing the birds sing their beautiful song.
3. Meeting up with my good friend Marianna (from grad school) for an overdo “girl’s night out”.
4. Leisure time- I have the entire day off tomorrow!
5. I’m grateful for my intelligence

5 Things I’m Proud Of

1. I had a conversation with a coworker about a problem they had. They opened up to me and shared the issue. Instead of being autobiographical or providing advice I listened, was reflective and simply restated what they had said. Afterward they told me. “Thank you for really listening to me. I feel like you really care.” I hope to truly listen more often but I’m amazed at how well I did today!
2. I cleaned my entire desk and organized my work for the following week.
3. Connecting with others in a genuine way.
4. I’m proud to be an American.
5. Proud to say I have two great careers.

What were you grateful for today? 

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