March Recap Scrap Diva Retreats 2014 Wind Down

Since we are winding down 2014 I thought it would be fun to do a monthly photo recap for the year. If you want to get an email with these updates please click here to sign up. 

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On March 13th, I was incredibly honored to be a speaker at the 11th business boomer summit in San Diego. I passionately delivered a speech to a room of 250+ people about opening up a small business.

Scrapbooking is the perfect past time for baby boomers because it provides retirees with an outlet to record precious memories of loved ones. Since 2012, over 300 women have attended retreats and events at Scrap Diva Retreats.

Boomer Summit

March was when I decided that I needed a new car. My trusted “hot ride” turned 10 years old and with 164 miles on it she gave me 3 flat tires within a few weeks. The last straw was when she broke down at the Scrapbook Expo when I was trying to host a table at the crop and have an EPIC weekend. Although it was the most inconvenient time to get a flat tire. I decided not to let it ruin the weekend and kept on having fun.

flat tireJPG

Scrap Diva Retreats reserved a table at the Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim on March 22nd 2014.


Wendy scrapbooking away!


I created an awesome new Tshirt design:

Scrap Divas Don’t Lie They Embellish

Scrap Divas Don't Lie They Embellish

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March 2014 Resolutions- New hair cut, new eyes, new car, new website, new policies/procedures, renewed commitment to eating healthier & working out!!!!

On March 28th I got new eye surgery… goodbye glasses! 

New Eyes