July & August 2014 Recap- Scrap Diva Retreats Wind Down

Since we are winding down 2014 I thought it would be fun to do a monthly photo recap for the year. If you want to get an email with these updates please click here to sign up.

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Apparently I didn’t take any pictures in July so it must have been my slowest month of the year. I guess everyone needs some down time right?

In August I started the 21 Day Happy Challenge which turned into a series of blog posts that combined Oprah & Deepak’s FREE 21-Day Meditation Experience with scrapbooking. Happiness to me is all about scrapbooking, painting, reading, writing and playing creatively with my art supplies. So with that in mind I tried to do all of these things along with the mediation challenge. It was a lot of fun and I created some fun blog posts:

Day 1 – Feeling Joy
Day 2 – Feeling Inspired
Day 3 – Feeling Peace
Day 4 – Feeling Love
Day 5 – Feeling Playful
Day 6 – Feeling Hope
Day 7 – Feeling Complete

Day 8 – Feeling Joy

Here’s my art journal page called “Happiness Lives Here.”

Happiness Lives Here

In August Lisa’s group had a fabulous scrap diva retreat.

Lisa's Divas