January 2014 Recap

January was a very busy month!

I kicked off the year celebrating and ringing in the new year at “Big Night San Diego New Year’s Eve Gala” with my hubby.

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I remember watching Suzi Blu’s awesome Live New Year’s Eve painting on Google Hang out as I was getting ready in the hotel room 🙂

Scrap Diva Retreats was off to a great start, it was booked three weekends out of the month! We had some awesome Divas kick off their new year scrappin away!

Cortney's Group

Cortney’s Group

On January 5th, my hubby made me an awesome shoe closet from IKEA and when I posted the picture on Facebook it got more likes than any other post! It got 99 likes and 21 comments!

Shoe Closet
I started off the year with my word “INSPIRE.” My intention for the year was to feel inspired throughout the year by other artists and blog about the things that inspire me.  To get my creative juices flowing I decided to sign up for a plethora of art classes and deemed it my “2014 Art Adventure.”I gave myself permission to sample a little bit of everything I could find! My goal was to blog about books, classes and ideas relating to art journaling, scrapbooking and mixed media. I wanted to be a creative muse for the world. I signed up for the following classes:

January was crazy at work because I was working around the clock to implement the mortgage rules. I was also busy with a flurry of activity finalizing a million projects.

On January 10th, I worked from 2AM to 2PM then drove to Ontario to go to my first Craft Hobby Association (CHA) event. It was phenomenal that I pulled it off because I decided to go at the last minute. I felt like a kid at Disneyland! I met all my favorite scrapbook artists like Tim Holtz, Dyan Reasly,Teresa Collins, Dina Wakley, Jamie Doughterty and Julie Nutting.


The highlight of my entire weekend at CHA was getting to meet Becky Higgins who has been my ICON since 1992. I have poured over every book Becky has written, my favorite is “Sketches.” She might have thought I was a bit obsessed when I exclaimed that my husband’s name is David too! Right now I’m totally IN LOVE with the phone app called “Project Life.” I highly recommend checking it out!

Becky Higgins

On January 20th Scrap Diva Retreats celebrated its 2nd Birthday!

On January 24th I had a fabulous time learning how to make a mixed media diva from Shonna at the Making Place in Escondido. I titled my canvas:

Wear your tiara everyday!

Wear Your Tiara Everyday