Inspirational Whispers

Remember you create your own world with your intention. You create the future you desire!

This is the second post providing you some inspirational whispers on this Tuesday morning… In the first post titled “Intention is Powerful” , I shared with you the other side of the scrapbook page.

– Smile whenever possible & remember even when everything is going wrong, there’s an equally wonderful moment that you will eventually experience.

– A balance of good and difficult times is what life is all about.

– Stay physically healthy by working out at least twice a week.

– Each time you are tempted to be become angry, jealous or fearful and you challenge that feeling… You empower yourself.

– Each time you feel negative – STOP, acknowledge your feelings and discharge them consciously.

– Spend time by yourself, contemplating & evaluating your life.

– A responsible choice is one that takes into consideration the consequences of that choice. Ask yourself; what will this action produce?

– Try to listen more rather than blurting out the first thing which comes to mind.

– With every action, ask yourself; what is your motivation?

– Center your attitude before committing energy into words.