How to Scan Your 12 X 12 Scrapbook Pages

I was so excited to finally figure out how to scan my 12 X 12 scrapbook pages and I couldn’t wait to share all the details with you!

Here’s the products I used:

  • -Scanner: Epson Perfection V5000 Photo
  • -Photoshop Elements 13

How to scan 12 x 12 scrapbook pages:

  1. Scan one side of the 12 by 12 scrapbook page using the Epson V500 Photo Scanner. Then scan the other side.
  2. To stitch the entire 12 x 12 page you will need to take 4 scans. There are two maximum cutoff lines; one on the left and one at the bottom. There’s also a maximum cutoff line on the left side. Align your pages accordingly. Click on the icon “Epson Scan”.
  3. Click on “Customize”, then “File Save Settings”, Choose Type “TIFF”(The photograph setting should be set to 300 dpi by 300 dpi). The files will automatically save into the pictures folder.
  4. Open Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 – Choose Photoshop Elements Editor
    • – File, new, blank file
    • – Choose 12 x 12 size, click ok
    • – From the drop down on the top menu choose: enhance, photo merge, panorama,
    • – Leave the setting on “auto”
    • – Browse and find the four pictures you scanned, click ok
    • – It will automatically blend the layers
    • – Use the modify, crop tool to crop any imperfections out of the photo edges
    • – Click file, save as JPEG
  5. You can upload the JPEG directly to social media or your blog.

Child of the Eighties 1

Check out the amazing detail that is picked up by the scanner on the buttons that are three dimensional! The photo scanner is so good that you can actually read the journaling on your scrapbook pages. It is absolutely AMAZING!

I had fun with this layout because I googled my favorite toys and TV shows from the 8o’s. This is something you can do to create a second scrapbook page when you only have one photo but you are trying to convey a lot.

Child of the Eighties 2

How to combine two scrapbook pages into one layout:

This is awesome because you can use Adobe Elements 13 to create one large PDF that displays both of your 12 x 12 scrapbook pages side by side!

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 do the following:

  1. Choose: file , new, blank file, change size to 12 x 24
  2. Choose: file, place, browse, choose the left photo an move to the left position
  3. Choose file, place, browse, chose the right photo and move into position
  4. Use the modify, crop tool to crop the photo
  5. Click file, save as JPEG

Child of the Eighties Layout

The other amazing thing the scanner does is correct old photos. I was able to  restore the color of these old photos using my new Epson Perfection V5000 Photo Scanner.

Mom & Kelly

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and you put these tips to use! Please ask me any questions in the comments below.

Here’s two great videos to check out:

Elise does an amazing job on her video explaining how to resize photos for your scrapbook pages!

Here’s another great video on how to use photomerge in Adobe.



When I scanned this old photo from the 70’s I was able to restore the color using my new Epson Perfection V5000 Photo! I’m super excited but I’m still trying to figure out how to find some stitching software to scan all my scrapbook pages!

Mom & Kelly