How to Create DIY Marquee Letters

Hello everyone, last week I had an AMAZING time making my own DIY marquee letters. The marquee letters are perfect for room décor, decorations for a birthday party or even a wedding. I think they would be an amazing gift for a family member or a friend!

In the video below I’m showing you how to create these amazing quick and easy DIY marquee letters by Heidi Swapp. I was so excited to find these awesome letters on sale at Target for only $4.50 per letter! I couldn’t wait to rush home to put the letters together and share them with you.

I hope you enjoyed this video and you feel inspired you to make your own DIY marquee letters. If you make some I would love it if you took a picture and shared it with me by tagging #scrap diva .  If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and subscribe to my channel for more crafty goodness. I share videos on DIY projects, scrapbooking, art journaling and mixed media.

Marquee letters

I cut out the decoration for my marquee letters using the scan n cut by Brother. I’m super excited about the templates that are loaded into the scanner because this means that I can use them multiple times in the future to cut out other designs. I can’t wait to use some of my awesome holiday scrapbook paper! I plan on switching out my letters for the seasons and holidays to decorate my mantel and use in my YouTube videos. Imagine how adorable the marquee letters will look for Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas!!! These are so much fun and there are so many possibilities!

Confessions of a Craftaholic

Kelly Excited Marquee

After I posted this video on YouTube I started dreaming about getting more DIY letters. The following day I found myself spontaneously at Target in the clearance aisle and the price of the letters dropped to only $2.90!

My friend Dena asked me to pick up “Kate” for her daughter and my other friend Rochelle asked me to pick up “R.S” for her initials. All of a sudden I came up with a million words that I wanted to spell and I became completing obsessed with finding all the letters I needed that I ended up going to 8 Targets between Murrietta and San Diego.

Marquee LettersExcited