Gratitude Changes Everything

Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” – Eileen Caddy


This afternoon I surprised my friends Antonia and Brooke by taking them out for a quick lunch break and giving them a homemade gratitude journal!

Gratitude Journal Gifts

Gratitude changes everything.

This is something I’ve heard for years yet just recently started to incorporate into my daily life. For the past month now I have been listing 5 things that I’m grateful for every day  and 5 things that I’m proud of on my iPhone. I plan on taking my lists and adding them to this new gratitude journal as I start to prepare for Thanksgiving.

It has been a phenomenal experience thus far and I cannot wait to share my journey with you!

I’m officially kicking off this gratitude project to celebrate the 12 days before Thanksgiving! So from November 15th– 26th I will be posting a stanza from this Thankful Poem and sharing with you my thoughts about gratitude. I will also be sharing with you:

– 5 things I’m grateful for

– 5 things I’m proud of

–  Gratitude prompts

–  Gratitude quotes

If you want to join me on this journey of recognizing more gratitude in life please sign up here.

The gratitude project is FREE and you will receive a daily email from me filled with inspiration, joyful suggestions and gratitude prompts. I can’t wait to hear about all the miracles and blessings that show up in your life!

Gratitude Journal Gifts

Gratitude Journal Reveal


My Gratitude Journal 

1. Grateful for naturally sleeping a rejuvenating 9 hours
2. Grateful for the first plunge into a hot tub
3. Grateful for sunny, warm California weather in October
4. Grateful Andrea showed me how to design an amazingly awesome candy buffet
5. Grateful I love to read

1. I gave myself a digital detox today & stayed off social media to take a much needed break
2. I bought a Nutriblast and I plan on starting a 6 week juice cleanse
3. Although I initially overcommitted I decided to cancel an event instead of attending and stressing out
4. I’m proud of myself that I went to sleep early
5. I spoke to the checkout lady at the Commissary about making cupcakes. She was so excited about my first adventure that she recommended I use chocolate Jello in the cake mix. I asked her a few more questions and she when she was done giving me advice she beamed “have a wonderful day love and come back any time!”

1. Grateful I started dreaming again
2. I’m grateful for a delicious, nutritious breakfast & I didn’t drink coffee – no headache 🙂
3. Listening to my husband’s sweet voicemail before falling asleep
4. I’m grateful for the sweet memory of Baby Gabby’s last day playing with the orange scrap paper
5. I’m grateful I inspired Marie with my uTube videos to get the CTMH Artfully Sent cartridge

Gratitude Prompts

– What is one unexpected blessing you received today?

– What are the 5 most important things you are grateful for in your life?

– Who has touched your life recently in a positive way? Tell them that you are grateful for them!


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