Day 8- Living Joy

Centering Thought: We are here to enjoy

Today is day 8 of our 21 day happy adventure together. So what is a happy adventure? I’m taking Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s FREE 21- Day Online Meditation Experience. You can check out the first blog post here.

Meditation Lesson:

We are in the second week of expanding our happiness together! Living what we felt last week. Oprah emphasizes that sharing our joy with the world is the highest expression of spirit. When we open up and share our inner light we are expressing the most powerful state of well being imaginable.

During today’s lesson Deepak shared with us the following:

• Joy is one of the highest expressions of spirit

• Living our joy is the reason for being here

My Reflection

One of Deepak’s main points during the mediation is that joy isn’t “selfish” it is simply “self care.” Sometimes when I feel joy I tend to feel slightly guilty. I will ask myself , What makes me lucky enough to find joy in something? Then for some reason negative thoughts creep sneakily into my conscious like unwanted guests. The strange negative thoughts that arise in me make me think of the vast suffering in the world and I’m able to turn away from my joy and instead feel sorrow. For this reason, I felt so blessed to hear the positive message:

“Give yourself permission to express joy whenever you feel like it.”

What? You mean I can choose to feel joy whenever I want? What a blessing this is! To truly feel that it is ok to be joyful and that joy is our reason for being here. I’ve been reflecting on my reason for blogging lately and I’m still trying to find my voice. There are so many things I find joyful that I want to share with you and invite you to find joy in them as well. So I think that must be my purpose. Simply to live joyfully with you. I was working on this mixed media canvas piece this weekend but didn’t get a chance to finish it. In the middle it will say the mantra “We are here to enjoy.” I was feeling a lot of JOY creating this canvas using colorful napkins. Whenever I create messy artwork with paints and mixed media, I keep paper towels on my desk to clean up my brushes and soak up extra paint. I took these extra scraps of colorful paper towels and adhered them to my canvas. The paper towels provide a deliciously colorful creative jumpstart because the colors are wildly random! The best part is how well the napkins soak up additional paint. It’s so much FUN!!! I highly recommend trying it 🙂 We are here to enjoy.JPG So go ahead….

“Open up and let your light shine”

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