Day 5 – Feeling Playful – Listen to your inner child!

Today is day 5 of our 21 Day Happy Adventure together! Feel free to follow along at any time. You can read more information in the first blog post here.

I was trying my best to dedicate 21 consecutive days to meditating with Oprah and posting a new piece of artwork each day…. but I have to be honest with you. I’ve fallen behind slightly and I’m behind on my blog posts. Nevertheless, I hope to finish the blog posts with you. It has been a fun adventure thus far and I’m learning a lot.

During today’s meditation we learned about the benefits of being playful and how play helps connect us to our joyful self. We learned how to listen to our own inner child and bring more fun and joy into our daily life. During the lesson, Deepak reminded us  that through the expression of play, our hearts, minds and bodies are lighter and happier. Play is essential to rejuvenation.

Today’s centering thought: Being playful renews the spirit.

For today’s piece of artwork I decided to showcase a mixed media canvas board that I made while taking an online mixed media course by Kelly Rae Roberts called “Hello, Soul Hello Mantras.” I had such a fabulous time taking her class and learned how to simply play with paints. I highly recommend it if  you get the chance!

List to your Inner Child.JPG

I titled this piece “Listen to your inner child at PLAAY.” I found it slightly ironic that I accidentally added an extra A in the word “play.” Once I saw it though… I thought it was a “happy accident” that ended up reinforcing the playful concept.

Here’s the first layers of paint and collage paper. You can see how I started off with some goblin paper with warm colors.

Just Play - The first layer As I was playing around with the papers and colors I decided to add cooler tones and added Dorothy with some unicorns dancing into the sunset.


I enhanced the canvas by having the Goblins peak out behind more layers of paint.

Throughout the canvas I have words such as “laugh” and “giggle” hidden behind the paint layers.


The title “Play” was added last….. of course I played around with the word “play” until it felt right…

Play - a few more layers

I think that finding a way to remain playful is key to enjoying life fully. Recently I’ve been playing around with tons of paint colors to learn how to create mixed media pieces without having a destination in mind.

As I randomly added paint layers to the canvas below I painted messages such as “release” and “let go” to remind myself to free up creative energy. When I let go of how I wanted the painting to turn out, I was able to spend more time having fun and being playful with the process. Instead of letting my left mind think about the process too much, I let my right brain follow my heat and encourage the painting to emerge itself.

Simply Play




Let go of overdoing and over thinking


“A grownup is a child with layers on.” – Woody Harrelson

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ― Plato

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!”
― George Bernard Shaw

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