Day 3 Feeling Peace / Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be a Unicorn


Today is day 3 of our 21 Day Happy Adventure together! Please join us any time. You can read more information in the first blog post here.

Every day I plan on meditating and using a new Close to My Heart stamp set.

Today I used the CTMH stamp set called “Unicorn Dreams.” I absolutely love these adorable unicorn stamps! It was so much fun to create the rainbow stamp.

IMG_3036-e1408042095355 - Version 3IMG_3036-e1408042095355 - Version 2


During the meditation today we learned how to feel a deep sense of peace from within. Deepak taught us that a strong “spiritual peace is our calm center that keeps our life in balance.”

Sometimes when I meditate I feel a strong sense of peace and well being, while other times I struggle to sit still. Today was a bit more difficult to settle my thoughts. Nevertheless, I know the benefits of meditating daily are worth the practice and struggle. Does anyone else occasionally struggle to keep thoughts from flooding in when meditating?

The centering thought for today is:

I am peace.