Day 3 – Be Thankful For the Difficult Times

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.

I’ve certainly had a lot of character building experiences in my life! But I’m thankful for every single situation because each one has provided me with an opportunity to learn.

When I reflect on the worst moments in my life I can see clearly that each moment provided me with a blessing and helped shape the strength and character of the woman I am today. Every time I have stopped fighting with difficult times and instead turned to face them with words of gratitude, I have found: growth, acceptance and ultimately peace.

Thank you for the difficult times!

Here’s my gratitude pages from today’s journal:

 Grateful for my eyesight

Gratitude Prompts

Think about a period in your life where you had some difficult things occur, did you grow during this time? What  unexpected lesson did you learn?

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Gratitude is Sweet!

Gratitude is Sweet!


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