Crop til You Drop!

Elaine’s group of Scrapbook Diva’s are regulars at Scrap Diva Retreats and they definitely know how to

Crop Til You Drop!


They are a community of scrapbook friends who enjoy to retreat together a few times a year.

They plan their meals and eat together. They often invite me to visit and when I’m lucky enough to find time to scrapbook with them, I enjoy their company immensely.

I always leave Elaine’s group feeling happy, refreshed and rejuvenated. They seem to embody a creative community feeling and they are always positive, happy and have fun cropping! I marvel at their Thanksgiving style meals and revel in their excitement at spending time together. Their extravagant menus and artistically designed meal placements are extraordinary.

I love to see each Diva’s unique style and artistic growth. It is such a pleasure to walk around and see all the scrapbook pages and projects they are working on.  I enjoy hearing stories about their friends, families and adventures of everyday life. I feel like an honored guest when I watch these best friends share a retreat together. Some of them come up to me at the end of the weekend and say, ”Thank you.” This always warms my heart and I am once again refreshed and thankfully reminded of why I wanted to create a scrapbook community. At the end of their retreat they always take a group photo.

Elaine's Group


Scrap Diva Tutorial Bloom1

During most of their retreats that I’ve attended this past year, it seems I have ended up spontaneously creating an impromptu class with Margi and Mary. Lately I’ve been creating mixed media projects. It is always unplanned and it is always an adventure. I actually love this type of teaching because it feels like I’m just sharing my sporadic artistic design journey with them.
Margi says,

You have given me more artistic inspiration than anyone in 30 years!

I feel elation as I look over at Mary who is grinning with delight. They are both enjoying the sheer joy of creating something special. We laugh loudly and get lost in the hours that slip by us unnoticed. Some of the other women trickle in to take a look and see how our projects are coming along. They say “oooh” and “aw.” They love to give us words of encouragement and tell us our projects look “amazing.”

Scrap Diva Tutorial Bloom2

My artistic muse does a happy back flip with jubilation and I start to feel more inspiration flooding through me. I scream with excitement and glee when a new idea comes. Margi looks at me with pure intoxication and exclaims,

This is my favorite part, when you see a new idea coming!

I love these women. I love this community. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your retreat adventures!

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