New Prima Products – Finnabair & Jamie Dougherty

Mixed Media Madness

OMG- I can’t sleep! Visions of mixed media projects are dancing inside my head! Yesterday I took two amazing classes from two of my favorite designers (Jamie Dougherty & Anna Dabrowska) at my favorite local manufacturer- Prima in Chino, California!

It was an amazing way to kick off CHA for 2015!!!

Anna Dabrowska (A.K.A Finnabair) is a mixed media Prima designer who was born in Poland and lives in Ireland. She creates amazing 3-dimensional masterpieces using gesso and paste. I totally love her style. I didn’t get a chance to take enough pictures so I plan on taking more at CHA. Yesterday she shared with us how to use all these products and it was sooooo much fun! I can’t wait to make more and show you how to create phenomenal 3d dimensional masterpieces!

Kelly and Anna

Her new Mardi Gras glitter is gorgeous! I’m bringing some home to play with 🙂


Jamie Dougherty is a brilliant local SoCal artist who designs soulful Bloom girls stamps. I have some of these amazing girls at Scrap Diva Retreats and we creating the Bloom girl albums a few moths ago.


I can’t wait to share with you her amazing new collection of Bloom girl stamps! Each one has an inspiring message with it. These are truly gorgeous!!!! I will take lots of pictures at CHA and show you.


I cannot wait to share with you all the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G mixed media projects and scrapbook pages we can make with these new product lines!!!!  Here’s a short video on some of the new AMAZING modeling pastes and gels Prima just launched. Sorry the video cut out because my phone died.

Prima pastes and gels

I met some amazing new friends from Germany like Ursala & Louise! I just thought of something…. Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could take a sabbatical and travel around the world to all the scrapbook stores and meet amazing artistic women! Ursala “started” the scrapbooking movement in Germany and she’s been attending CHA for the past 11 years!


The possibilities in life are truly amazing! As Mary Oliver wisely asked the world:

What do you want to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Personally I want to try everything!  I’m a life sampler who is in love with everything! Certainly I want to go check out Germany!!

In the meantime… Maybe I will sleep a few more hours. Sweet dreams Scrap Divas…tomorrow will be another amazing adventurous day!










March Recap Scrap Diva Retreats 2014 Wind Down

Since we are winding down 2014 I thought it would be fun to do a monthly photo recap for the year. If you want to get an email with these updates please click here to sign up. 

You can view previous posts here:

January 2014 Recap

February 2014 Recap

On March 13th, I was incredibly honored to be a speaker at the 11th business boomer summit in San Diego. I passionately delivered a speech to a room of 250+ people about opening up a small business.

Scrapbooking is the perfect past time for baby boomers because it provides retirees with an outlet to record precious memories of loved ones. Since 2012, over 300 women have attended retreats and events at Scrap Diva Retreats.

Boomer Summit

March was when I decided that I needed a new car. My trusted “hot ride” turned 10 years old and with 164 miles on it she gave me 3 flat tires within a few weeks. The last straw was when she broke down at the Scrapbook Expo when I was trying to host a table at the crop and have an EPIC weekend. Although it was the most inconvenient time to get a flat tire. I decided not to let it ruin the weekend and kept on having fun.

flat tireJPG

Scrap Diva Retreats reserved a table at the Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim on March 22nd 2014.


Wendy scrapbooking away!


I created an awesome new Tshirt design:

Scrap Divas Don’t Lie They Embellish

Scrap Divas Don't Lie They Embellish

Check out more pictures on Flickr

March 2014 Resolutions- New hair cut, new eyes, new car, new website, new policies/procedures, renewed commitment to eating healthier & working out!!!!

On March 28th I got new eye surgery… goodbye glasses! 

New Eyes



February Recap Scrap Diva Retreats 2014 Wind Down

Since we are winding down 2014 I thought it would be fun to do a monthly photo recap for the year. If you want to get an email with these updates please click here to sign up. 

You can view previous posts here: 

January 2014 Recap

February was another fabulous month for crafting. We had Shonna Bucaroff teach a mixed media workshop weekend. Shonna taught us how to make exciting background pages using acrylics and stencils. This was the first time most of the students had used a Gelli plate and it was a huge success making pages for our gorgeous winged art journal.

Winged Art Journal

I created an awesome day planner and started following Documented Life Project on Facebook. It was so much fun to keep notes and create bits of artwork throughout the year in the planner. I plan on posting a short video sometime in the next month on this.


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Mixed Media Mermaid Class – Photos Dec. 7th 2014

We had a fabulous mixed media mermaid class a couple weeks ago.

Mixed Media Mermaid Class

This class has been extremely popular so I’ve offered it a few times on our meetup group. Make sure to sign up for our meetup if you want to be notified of upcoming classes and crops.



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Scrapbook Retreat Recap

Here’s a quick recap of our phenomenal Scrapbook Retreat Weekend from a few weeks ago….

I hosted an open retreat where anyone could sign up via our meetup group. We all received the blessing to meet new Divas and make new friends.

Scrap Diva Retreats

Top: Mattie, Diane, Letty, Michele, Jolane
Bottom: Becky, Donna, Kelly, Angela, Andrea, Lisa


Letty made a gorgeous Julie Nutting Mermaid doll for the guest book:


Saturday was an adventure packed day full of lots of scrapbooking, crafting and laughter. I decided to come up with a Julie Nutting mixed media canvas and taught a class.


I went to bed happy on Saturday night completely amazed with the amount of contagious positive energy the women were exuding from the crop room. On Sunday morning I decided to get up early to print our group photos and gave everyone the opportunity to win prizes through a scrapbook challenge using the group photo.




Andrea's Scrapbook page

Andrea got 119 social media likes for this layout and won the challenge!

scrapbook pages.JPG


Homemade Rolls

Enjoying a cup of coffee with Angie’s fresh homemade delicious cinnamon rolls!


Mattie made awesome homemade aprons for the Divas!


Thank you Divas for an amazing Scrapbook Retreat Weekend! I can’t wait to scrapbook with you all again soon 🙂



Halloween Dessert Buffet Video

Good evening divas,

I’m excited to share with you a quick video of my dessert buffet. My homemade halloween cards and mixed media shadow box were great decoration accents on the table!

Week 44 The Documented Life Project – Painted Leaves & Video

Week 44 challenge– Incorporate Leaves – real, drawn or painted onto your page in a creative way.

This week my neighbor Karen and I figured out we are both part of the Documented Life Project. Each week we are provided with a challenge/prompt to decorate our day planners. I will show you some more pages from my book when I get the chance.

We were so excited that we could create together that we immediately scheduled some time on Saturday to get messy! Kelly leaves

Karen came over and we took off on a local adventure down the street in search of the perfect leaves for our masterpieces. We started out by taping the leaves to our page and then rolled them over with acrylic paints and a brayer.

Painted leaves

We quickly realized the Dylussions sprays worked much better to capture the intricate details of the leaves.

Spray Leaves

Karen in Scrap Diva Retreats

We also had fun stamping leaves in fall colors. I plan on using the extra scraps on Thanksgiving scrapbook pages (stay tuned for more posts)! The fun part was experimenting with different shapes and colors.

Sprayed and Painted Pages

I used this stamped image from the tissue paper and incorporated it into my planner page.

Tissue Paper Leaf

Here’s my final page.


Since Karen is going to Paris soon, she decided to create a Paris in the Fall page. Of course I love her Audrey Hepburn quote “Paris is always a good idea.”

Paris in the Fall- Karen's Page

I hope you enjoyed our adventure and you get a chance to paint some leaves of your own! We highly recommend it.

Crop til You Drop!

Elaine’s group of Scrapbook Diva’s are regulars at Scrap Diva Retreats and they definitely know how to

Crop Til You Drop!


They are a community of scrapbook friends who enjoy to retreat together a few times a year.

They plan their meals and eat together. They often invite me to visit and when I’m lucky enough to find time to scrapbook with them, I enjoy their company immensely.

I always leave Elaine’s group feeling happy, refreshed and rejuvenated. They seem to embody a creative community feeling and they are always positive, happy and have fun cropping! I marvel at their Thanksgiving style meals and revel in their excitement at spending time together. Their extravagant menus and artistically designed meal placements are extraordinary.

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Day 8- Living Joy

Centering Thought: We are here to enjoy

Today is day 8 of our 21 day happy adventure together. So what is a happy adventure? I’m taking Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s FREE 21- Day Online Meditation Experience. You can check out the first blog post here.

Meditation Lesson:

We are in the second week of expanding our happiness together! Living what we felt last week. Oprah emphasizes that sharing our joy with the world is the highest expression of spirit. When we open up and share our inner light we are expressing the most powerful state of well being imaginable.

During today’s lesson Deepak shared with us the following:

• Joy is one of the highest expressions of spirit

• Living our joy is the reason for being here

My Reflection

One of Deepak’s main points during the mediation is that joy isn’t “selfish” it is simply “self care.” Sometimes when I feel joy I tend to feel slightly guilty. I will ask myself , What makes me lucky enough to find joy in something? Then for some reason negative thoughts creep sneakily into my conscious like unwanted guests. The strange negative thoughts that arise in me make me think of the vast suffering in the world and I’m able to turn away from my joy and instead feel sorrow. For this reason, I felt so blessed to hear the positive message:

“Give yourself permission to express joy whenever you feel like it.”

What? You mean I can choose to feel joy whenever I want? What a blessing this is! To truly feel that it is ok to be joyful and that joy is our reason for being here. I’ve been reflecting on my reason for blogging lately and I’m still trying to find my voice. There are so many things I find joyful that I want to share with you and invite you to find joy in them as well. So I think that must be my purpose. Simply to live joyfully with you. I was working on this mixed media canvas piece this weekend but didn’t get a chance to finish it. In the middle it will say the mantra “We are here to enjoy.” I was feeling a lot of JOY creating this canvas using colorful napkins. Whenever I create messy artwork with paints and mixed media, I keep paper towels on my desk to clean up my brushes and soak up extra paint. I took these extra scraps of colorful paper towels and adhered them to my canvas. The paper towels provide a deliciously colorful creative jumpstart because the colors are wildly random! The best part is how well the napkins soak up additional paint. It’s so much FUN!!! I highly recommend trying it 🙂 We are here to enjoy.JPG So go ahead….

“Open up and let your light shine”

What do you enjoy? IMG_3124.JPG Blog Posts in Series:

Day 7 – Feeling Complete

Centering Thought: I am wholeness

Today is day 7 of our 21 day happy adventure together.
So what is a happy adventure? I’m taking Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s FREE 21- Day Online Meditation Experience. You are welcome to join anytime by clicking on the link above. You can check out the first blog post here.

Is meditation difficult? 
Meditation is both hard and simple at the same time. It is similar to the difficulty I encounter with exercising in that ultimately I just have to simply set aside some time and simply “do it.”The first few times I tried to meditate it was difficult to concentrate but it has definitely become easier for me the more I’ve practiced it. The simple part about meditation is that there is not a “wrong” way to meditate and it is beneficial to the body no matter how much it is practiced. Here’s a nice summary on meditation.
Here’s a few tips I’ve learned to make meditating easier:
• Try a guided meditation that you can listen to. Here’s a free sample that you can immediately try.
• Meditate in a quiet area where you are free from distraction (turn off your cell phone)
• If you get distracted keep trying because even a few minutes can be beneficial


Meditation Lesson Day 7 – Feeling Complete

Today we completed the first week of meditation and our happy journey together. During today’s lesson Deepak shared with us the following:

  • True happiness isn’t gained by status, money, position, or power; it is attained through inner fulfillment, which depends on being whole.
  • When we feel complete we don’t have empty spaces inside us that need to be filled.
  • People can find long term happiness when they accomplish something they really value. Typically when they set goals that take years to accomplish. Also,  when they devote themselves to a higher set of values, whether it is with god, compassion, giving, service, or humanitarianism.

 My Reflection

I listened to today’s mediation a few times because I was trying to grasp Deepak’s message on how to remain whole and fill all the empty places inside me. My analytical mind immediately wanted to itemize the empty spaces within me and create a list on how to fill them.

  • What type of activities do I need to do? Exercise, meditate, read, write, create artwork…
  • What long term goals should I achieve? Write a book, travel, volunteer, learn more / teach…
  • How can I devote myself to a higher set of values and contribute to the world?

For today’s artwork, I decided to share with you a page in one of my art journals. I used Tim Holtz Distress Inks for the background and Close to My Heart Stamps.

The page is titled: “Happiness Lives Here” 

“I love making artwork! It centers and calms me. Sometimes I forget this simple fact because I get so excited and caught up in the moment. All I really need to do is BREATHE and let my creative muse handle the details!”

Happiness Lives Here

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