Gratitude Changes Everything

Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.” – Eileen Caddy


This afternoon I surprised my friends Antonia and Brooke by taking them out for a quick lunch break and giving them a homemade gratitude journal!

Gratitude Journal Gifts

Gratitude changes everything.

This is something I’ve heard for years yet just recently started to incorporate into my daily life. For the past month now I have been listing 5 things that I’m grateful for every day  and 5 things that I’m proud of on my iPhone. I plan on taking my lists and adding them to this new gratitude journal as I start to prepare for Thanksgiving.

It has been a phenomenal experience thus far and I cannot wait to share my journey with you!

I’m officially kicking off this gratitude project to celebrate the 12 days before Thanksgiving! So from November 15th– 26th I will be posting a stanza from this Thankful Poem and sharing with you my thoughts about gratitude. I will also be sharing with you:

– 5 things I’m grateful for

– 5 things I’m proud of

–  Gratitude prompts

–  Gratitude quotes

If you want to join me on this journey of recognizing more gratitude in life please sign up here.

The gratitude project is FREE and you will receive a daily email from me filled with inspiration, joyful suggestions and gratitude prompts. I can’t wait to hear about all the miracles and blessings that show up in your life!

Gratitude Journal Gifts

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Thankful Poem

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. – Melody Beattie

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Week 44 The Documented Life Project – Painted Leaves & Video

Week 44 challenge– Incorporate Leaves – real, drawn or painted onto your page in a creative way.

This week my neighbor Karen and I figured out we are both part of the Documented Life Project. Each week we are provided with a challenge/prompt to decorate our day planners. I will show you some more pages from my book when I get the chance.

We were so excited that we could create together that we immediately scheduled some time on Saturday to get messy! Kelly leaves

Karen came over and we took off on a local adventure down the street in search of the perfect leaves for our masterpieces. We started out by taping the leaves to our page and then rolled them over with acrylic paints and a brayer.

Painted leaves

We quickly realized the Dylussions sprays worked much better to capture the intricate details of the leaves.

Spray Leaves

Karen in Scrap Diva Retreats

We also had fun stamping leaves in fall colors. I plan on using the extra scraps on Thanksgiving scrapbook pages (stay tuned for more posts)! The fun part was experimenting with different shapes and colors.

Sprayed and Painted Pages

I used this stamped image from the tissue paper and incorporated it into my planner page.

Tissue Paper Leaf

Here’s my final page.


Since Karen is going to Paris soon, she decided to create a Paris in the Fall page. Of course I love her Audrey Hepburn quote “Paris is always a good idea.”

Paris in the Fall- Karen's Page

I hope you enjoyed our adventure and you get a chance to paint some leaves of your own! We highly recommend it.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday When You Wake Up

These are three life changing questions that you can ask yourself every morning when you wake up to help you align your actions during the day. It can help you figure out the most important things to focus on and live on “purpose.”

I’m taking this amazing FREE 9 week course with Natalie MacNeil called Conquer Summit. Yesterday our session was with Nisha Moodley and she shared with us these 3 questions. You can join us and some other amazing female entrepreneurs here ->>

I started my day today taking Natalie’s advice. After waking up I took some time to be contemplative before running full force into my day and set a strong intention for the day. I can’t wait to see how this feels…

I’m excited to share with you my experience and my reflections from last night as I walked through the exercises:

1. Find Your North Star & Figure Out Your “Why”

I’ve been working on this question all year in one way or another. Especially with why I’m starting this blog.

My “Whys” for starting this blog:
– I have a desire to share the beauty I see in the world.
– I want to share my creative passion with scrapbooking, art journaling, painting and card making.
– I want to have an excuse to live in the present moment, reflect and share.
– I want to have fun with life, learn new things and share these experiences.
– I want to make mistakes, learn from them and grow as an entrepreneur.

My “Whys” for the World:
– I want to shine bright so that I can give others permission to do the same.
– I want to inspire others to pursue their artistic and/or creative passions.
– I want to bring my readers with me on my journey to live life fully everyday and try new experiences.
– I want to make new friends, build a community and make the world a brighter place.


2. What would make me proud?

I’m proud of myself when I’ve taken the time to listen to someone else and truly be there for them. When I’m in the present moment and I make a strong connection with someone else by engaging with them. My goal is to interact in this manner with my customers and blog readers.
Today I would be proud if I:
– Posted this reflection on my blog tonight.
– Completed my project at work this afternoon.
– Took a lunch break to work-out at the gym.
– Cooked a healthy dinner for my husband.

3. What do I really need to do today?

This was my first thought this morning when I woke up at 4AM. It is a question I often ask myself as I prioritize the day in my Franklin Covey planner. Today what I really needed to do was take some time to reflect on this exercise and create this blog post. The actions that make me proud are ultimately the things that I really need to do like work out and cook a healthy dinner.

Sometimes we think productivity is about doing more, but I think it’s about doing better. – Nisha

Being an extremely ambitious person I find myself creating a huge unrealistic“to-do” list everyday. To curb this list I’m constantly asking:

If I did nothing else today, what would make a substantial impact?

I often find it is just as important to determine what I will stop doing as it is to determine the most important actions. An example of something I decided to stop doing years ago that has changed my life is that I no longer watch T.V.

The world is moving so fast and our plates are overflowing with the things we feel we have to do. But all we really need to do is take a day and sit down and think. – Maya Angelou

Spend Your Time Wisely

How do I stop counting my moments but instead live every moment? I think the answer may be in learning how to be present to each moment. Knowing that each moment will pass and LIVING in the moment is truly unique because it will never happen again.

Spend Your Time Wisely… relax, breathe deeply and live!!!

What’s the most important thing that you could do today to make yourself proud and live on purpose?

3 Birthday Reflections


I have always been a reflective person. I actually have a stack of diaries as tall as a lamp post. Since I was seven years old, I have been reflecting on my life and setting goals twice a year. I typically write a long list of New Years Resolutions in December and then dedicate a couple weeks around my birthday to reflect on my life milestones.

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