9 Books That Will Inspire Your Best Year Ever!

Books are a great way to learn new things and feel motivated toward action. Below I share with you the books that have been the most inspirational in my life.

I just posted the second video in the 4 part vision board series. In the second video, I demonstrate multiple ways to fill your life with more inspiration.

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Below are some of my favorite self improvement books that have helped me create an AWESOME vision board and have really motivated me to become a better version of myself.  I included a link to some of my favorites below.

1. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People 

2. The Seat of the Soul 

3. Awaken The Giant Within 

4. Essentialism

5. The Miracle Morning

6. Think and Grow Rich 

7. The Four Agreements 

8. The Secret

9. Start With Why